Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ironic isn't it?

So here I sit alone this morning. And I have just taken a anti-anxiety pill to help me get through the rest of the day. The irony comes in because those pills were prescribed to me 3 years ago when I was having a hard time dealing with the adoption process. And now here I am taking them because I am having a hard time dealing with my partners PTSD. The two situations are so similar to me. The only main difference is that I wanted the adoption to end and I don't want this relationship to end. Its just so hard to deal with sometimes. I feel so lost and I find myself having to remember that it is NOT MY FAULT for 90% of the things he does. Our last two weekends to together have been hell. They have been full of over stimulating circumstances that have made being together very difficult. Whether he is sabotaging himself from enjoying things he likes or being over stimulated by the thought of having a "good weekend" it has just been too much to handle lately. I just don't understand why things can't just happen and go smoothly? Well actually I can understand why they don't but I guess it is just a process that I need to learn how to deal with better. And I think I have been doing a good job with that for the most part. I have learned A LOT in the past 15 months of this relationship. I have become a stronger person, I think. I have a long way to go but I have seen changes in myself and in him as well. We will make it as long as we always have strong communication (and good meds!). We are moving soon to a community, that in away, I think will make things even easier to deal with. There are a lot of "outs" there. Whether it be the 1100 square feet gym that is within walking distance or the 3 miles of outside running trails, I'm sure I will find something that will help me (us) positively deal with whatever it is that is happening in our relationship together. I also am hoping to get back into martial arts every soon too. I think it will become a tremendous life saver if I do. I miss it and it did make me a better person. My true to life saying is "keep moving forward". That is all we can really do. . .

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