Saturday, May 7, 2011

Signing a lease, going to a concert, Mother's Day and moving in a week. More stress? Yes, please!

If I make it through this weekend in one piece or at least without having to take any meds, it will be amazing. And I do hope to amaze myself because that means I am learning. There is so much going on in these next few weeks, that I am personally stressed out about, that having to deal with his stressors on top of it will be a challenge.

We are moving into a new apartment next week and going to sign off on everything this morning. And then later on this evening we are going to our first concert together. So far the only thing that has been rough is dealing with the moving. He really hasn't mentioned that much about the concert. I hope that is a good thing. I know we will enjoy it as long as it doesn't become too over stimulating.

Then tomorrow is Mother's Day. So far he hasn't made any references to any of his feelings about the holiday but I'm sure he must be missing his mom. He lost her so tragically so many years ago, but it still haunts him every year. Luckily my mom doesn't live in the same state so tomorrow should pretty much go by like any other day. No dinners with mom or anything like that to set off any triggers.

I guess maybe I'm just bracing myself this morning by writing here now. Part of me thinks its a good thing and the other part of me wonders if I am just setting myself up to fail? I guess only time will tell. Good luck to us!

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